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Check out our FREE online games - Play Catch-em-Cowboy here!

Catch-em-Cowboy: Test your herding skills

Our newest game yet! Our Catch-em-Cowboy game takes you into the wild, wild west full of troublesome cows to be herded. But be careful you don’t fall off the horse! This is the ultimate game to put your skills to the test. Will you be able to master your balance as your horse hits the apex of its jump? Only practice will tell!

Check out our FREE online games - Play Jumporama 2 here!   Check out our FREE online games - Play Jumporama here!

Jumporama 2: Cross Country

The new horse riding game by Horse riding coach is now here. In Jumporama 2, it might be a little easier then the first one but it is still an uphill battle. Only a true horse master will be able to complete the full cross country course. Jumporama 2 takes you off the beaten track and to a new level featuring new jumps and obstacles, longer levels and a few other little surprises along the way!


Jumporama: The hugely popular original horse jumping game by Horseridingcoach.

The original Jumporama horse jumping game challenges your jumping skills. This game is a classic and is known to be one of the toughest around. Will your componion survive as it jumps up and boost apex jumping? How far will your buddy be able to go with just your skills? Jumporama requires perfect timing, so get ready. This game will challenge every player to the maximum.